A guy wearing a green shirt walked up to Phoenix Clowers during a recent summer camp and made small talk for a moment before slapping the kid on the back for a job well done.

Clowers, a third grader, turned his attention back to the football field, where a running drill was taking place. Clowers had no idea that the guy who spoke to him was Devon Dorris, head coach of the Azle Hornets – a football team that Clowers hopes to play for one day.

His mom, Normandi Clowers, watched her son from the stands.

“He's done camps all summer long,” she said. “All different sports. He's done wrestling, a couple of football ones, basketball, and he's currently in boxing.”

The kid is strong, fast and agile, and his prowess on the field was obvious.

“He asks us to take him to these things,” Normandi Clowers said. “He does training with his dad nearly every day. He has already signed up for the fall season for tackle football here in Azle.”

She appreciates that the camps give him an outlet to release energy and stay active, “which is really important for kids nowadays because (when) they're not active, they're normally trying to get into trouble or something,” she said. “This is something he loves doing, and it gives him a goal at the end of the day, which keeps him driving.”

Perhaps less enthralled with football camp was Caiden Gann, who was trying football for the first time but having difficulty staying focused. He wandered off during a couple of drills to entertain himself. His mother, Shannon Gann, could tell her boy was restless, but that was OK.

“He's never played sports before, so I was just kind of letting him see what he likes and what he doesn’t like,” she said. “He doesn’t really like football. He’s had fun, but it's just not for him. He likes interacting with the kids and playing around.”

This summer, Gann has attended three camps – baseball, football and basketball.

Only one sport grabbed his fancy.

“He's more into baseball,” Mom said.