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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Putting the ‘con’ Respect law in conservative enforcement

Seven huge flaws in “con” thinking:

1. Cons believe they can change human nature through war, economic exploitation, prisons and executions. Conservatism promotes stasis through death.

2. Cons believe that talking to our enemies is a sign of weakness. The Con universal solution is to kill 'em all and let God sort them out.

3. Cons only respect their own backwards culture and traditions--they spit on other cultures and traditions because they think that they are better than everyone else,

4. Conservatism is a fundamentally immoral selfish political philosophy--they spend their lives trying to justify their selfishness and greed.

5. Cons believe that being wealthy makes them good people--sorry, you can't buy your way into heaven.

6. Cons believe that government is the servant of corporations and the false religion of capitalism.

7. Cons only believe in programs that fatten their bank accounts and make their corporate masters happy.

Andrew Davies


Dear Editor:

I’m hearing so much trash talking about law enforcement officers as “thugs, Gestapos, brown shirts” and, of course, “murderers.”

One New York governor said, “We are running ICE officers out of town – they are thugs"

And who else is throwing these fine men and women that wear the badge under the bus? Liberal Democrats!

After spending nearly 30 years in law enforcement in the military M.P.s, Texas municipal city officer, and county deputy, perhaps I can offer some insight to these den of snakes who disparage America's very finest.

Law enforcement is equal parts mind-numbing tedium and mind-blowing terror. When an officer leaves for work, his or her family has no way of knowing if there will be a next meal together.

One of the toughest and thankless job in America I believe is law enforcement. As evident in the unfortunate shooting death of an unarmed teenager by a former Balch Springs officer a year ago, politicians, news media, and activists sure as heck second-guess everything a police officer does – forgetting that sometimes they have a split second to make a decision and then see others critique the that officer from the safety of the sidelines.

Are there bad police officers? Absolutely. Are there police officers that abuse their authority? Certainly.

There are also bad teachers, doctors, lawyers, CEOs, and, don't forget, pastors who have abused their authority and ruined the lives of a lot of people in the process.

The truth is that police officers are no worse than the rest of society and probably better than most of it.

My mom told me when I graduated from the Dallas Sheriff Academy more years than I care to remember ago, “It amazes me that we can find people willing to put up with all the verbal and physical abuse.”

They endure criticism, a lack of appreciation for what they do, and the very real possibility that some low-life scum will kill them before they can collect their meager pensions.” Rest in peace, Mom – I got my pension.

Soon, the only thing that feckless New York governor is going to run is his mouth – and he’ll be replaced by a Republican.